Choosing Me

My heart was racing. Anxiety was building.  Was I really going to do this?  Really?  But what if I can’t?  I know it is going to be really hard.

The fear was creeping into my brain, threatening to change my mind, to hold me back from doing something I had agreed to do.

How often in my life have I let my fear rule my choices? Far too many times. 

“may your CHOICES reflect your hopes, not your fears” –Nelson Mandela

This quote that I read last week in my new Fitness journal came back to me in the moments leading up to my hitting the “confirm” button. Was I going to let the fear stop me, or was I going to choose to follow my hope, the faith in my ability and the faith my husband had in me? 

Another quote I read recently stuck out in my mind:


As I clicked on the confirm button, my excitement grew…..I am going to do this. I have made my choice.  I am going to let fear mean that I am facing everything and rising!  I am going to do this despite my fear of failure, fear of disappointment, and deep down my fear of succeeding, of being proud of me. 

I did it. I registered for my first half marathon.

I made my choice and I have chosen me.


3 thoughts on “Choosing Me”

  1. Woo hoo!!! Way to go!! You sound as determined as I was when I chose what I wanted to accomplish. YOU CAN DO THIS! Make a training schedule and follow it like your life depended on it … haha … no matter what. You’re #1 for the next 9-10 months. I will be following you 😉 With all the work and dedication required, you BETTER be proud of yourself. You’ll be making what you think is an IMPOSSIBLE into a POSSIBLE.

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  2. Did you get my items? I sent it from your article then I see where I was to reply above the line. 😩 I didn’t do it right. Hope you got it.

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