When I started this blog, I wasn’t completely sure how I would use it and I was nervous about sharing my deepest thoughts and the private parts of my life……..

But I took that leap and I started writing this past January.

My most recent blog post, was one of the most difficult to write and to share…….and I almost didn’t. Leaving myself exposed to the judgement of others is quite frightening, but sharing my families story is even more frightening….I am now opening up our story, our life to others. Not just family and friends, but acquaintances and strangers.

After posting my last blog and asking for others to join me in the conversation that will hopefully lead to REAL effective and affordable care for those who suffer from mental illnesses and addiction and for those who love them, I have been overwhelmed and humbled…….

Overwhelmed with the emotions brought from reading the many messages and emails from those who also suffer and from those who also love someone who suffers. And humbled that so many would share with me.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with others who are riding this rollercoaster too, but sad that these diseases are so far reaching.  My blog has given me a connection to others in a way I could not have imagined, allowing me to be a part of the conversation with so many others and allowing me into their private worlds, letting us see that we are not alone and that together we can affect change.

I am not sure where this will all go but……I am going to keep on taking that leap………..and together we can we all just breathe!


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