Make Your Heart Feel Good Day

Life has been especially stressful lately.

Life has been especially difficult lately.

Sometimes, life is just plain hard.

But we keep moving, we keep pressing on and eventually we break through the difficult times and come through them even stronger than before.

It is during the trying times, when we are focused on helping another, that we really need to take a moment……sometimes it really is just a moment……for us. A moment to step away, leave it all behind, forget for just a moment the worry, stress, frustration and heartache and just breathe.

A moment that creates a “Make your heart feel good day”.

I had that kind of moment….a few hours actually…..yesterday. I needed it.

I almost said “no” to taking the time for me, to taking a break and spending some time with a friend at a place I love—the zoo. I almost said no because at this moment in time, in my life and in the life of my family, taking time away….time for “me” felt selfish. I felt that by stepping away from the situation for a few minutes meant I wasn’t doing EVERYTHING that I could possibly do to help make things better, to get help that was needed, to support my family.

And then my husband pushed me to go. And I said yes to my friend.

I am so very glad I did!

As I left to go with my friend, my husband looked at me and said that I was too leave “this” all behind for a few hours, forget things and concentrate on enjoying some time with my friend and some time for me. Oh, how wise my husband is.

As I talk so much about in Weight Watchers meetings, “me time” is essential. “Me time” is the chance for us to take a break, to rejuvenate, to center ourselves and to breathe…..ahhh…….just breathe.

I enjoyed my time at the zoo with my friend. I enjoyed the conversation, the laughs, the sites, the animals, the walk and the time to focus on me. And by taking that time, I am more energized and am better able to focus on the task at hand—taking care of and helping my family through this time.

It was while we were at the zoo enjoying the day that my friend mentioned that this is what she calls a “Make Your Heart Feel Good Day”!

Yes, it was!