So Long 2016…Welcome 2017!

2016 started with me holding my breath……and as the year went on I found myself experiencing things I had not imagined—

2016 became the year for—

–stepping outside my comfort zone and not allowing fear to hold me back.

–opening up to others outside our family, leaving me feeling vulnerable and exposed….yet being open and sharing the struggles we have faced this year has been rewarding….we are not alone and talking about mental illnesses and addiction is how we start to change the stigma and the broken system.

–discovering just how strong I am when I really need to be.

–learning about myself, through the struggles as well as those times I stepped outside my comfort zone, and discovering just where those long-held fears came from.

–growth, personally……this I am so thankful for.

–finding hope when the world seemed hopeless….when my world was filled with fear, sadness and even anger. Hope is what kept us going. Hope is what gets us out of bed when we just want to hide from the world.

–Taking the leap, breathing and trusting!

I am ready to say “good-bye” to 2016. Saying “good-bye” means I am almost through the year of holding my breath…..almost to my 52nd birthday, the one my mother never got to celebrate. Yes, I am ready to move into the new year.

And as I move into 2017, I am hopeful…..hopeful for the future, hopeful for my family and hopeful that this will be our happiest year yet! No matter what happens, I will always have hope!

I am excited for what 2017 has in store for me and for my family…..there will be celebrations and a wedding, one that I am very much looking forward to! There will be adventures and travels. There will be joy and struggles, I am sure. And there will be more self-growth and discoveries as I continue my journey to be the best version of “me” that I can be!

As I welcome 2017, I am starting the new year off strong……checking some items off my bucket list, stepping outside my comfort zone and challenging myself and celebrating my birthday in the most magical place on earth!

So long 2016—thanks for the many lessons and the memories!

Hello 2017—Let’s get this New Year started!



Author: Terri

Wife. Mom. Blogger.

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