40 years today.  (I wrote about losing her here in my blog)

40 years of living, exploring, finishing school, graduating, going on to college, marrying, becoming a mom twice, traveling the world with my best friend, the ups the downs, the trials and tribulations…. all the times I wished my mom was here.

40 years without her now.

And I still miss her every day, missing her more during those times we all just “want our mom” (like now while I am sick) and talking to her through the good times, knowing she is watching and smiling and laughing with me!

Thank you mom, for loving me!

Thank you for telling me that you picked me, making me feel loved and special when the kids at school teased me about being adopted.

Thank you for showing me how strong a woman can be, showing me that despite being alone to raise your girls, giving up was never an option.

Thank you for showing me how to respect myself and how to be strong when the world knocks you down.

Thank you for teaching me to think for myself and to form my own opinions and then letting me talk with you about them, never making me feel that my thoughts were not important.

Thank you for comforting me when I was sad, and for calming my fears.  I still can feel your arms around me when I really need you, even now, 40 years later.

Thank you, mom, for making me go to Sunday School, giving me a foundation in faith.

Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love was by loving me no matter how unlovable I was, and yes, I was a handful at times.

Thank you, for being my mom!  (Our mom!)

I miss you every day!  I love you!  And I will see you again one day!