Traveling the Unknown Road

My husband and I love to travel.  We love road trips!  There are so many places we wouldn’t see if we flew everywhere, so we choose to take a lot of road trips.  Those trips give us flexibility to take an unknown road, an off-the-beaten-path road….. a road less traveled. 

Taking an unplanned road can lead to exciting places or to places we would rather not visit again.  We never know where they are taking us, BUT we know we are traveling the road together and as long as we are together the trip will be fine.

Early last summer we took an almost 3 week road trip through a number of states.  The first day on the road, we traveled 9 hours.  9. Hours.

We were tired.  Exhausted really.  But we are who we are, and we don’t like to let an opportunity to explore pass us by.  So, after a quick dinner we left our hotel and headed down the road, off to find a historic site we read about.  It didn’t matter that we had already spent 9 hours in the car that day.  We wanted to explore.

On this outing we found the dirt road and followed it.  No one was on the road, we were alone…. And then we found the Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historical Park ( )  We had the place to ourselves for a bit.  It was amazing!  Taking the dirt road led us to a spectacular site.  We enjoyed it sooooo much. 

On the way back to our hotel we took another little road, a short detour to see if we could find the lake.  We got a little lost.  Went a little too far.  Wondered where we were.  But we were fine.  He was driving and I was navigating, and working together we found the way back and found the lake.  Another great find!

I like to explore unknown roads with my husband.  Even when they don’t take us to where we imagined.  It is still worth the journey together.

In our almost 39 years together (37 of the married) we have taken a lot of roads, literally and figuratively.  Some roads we found ourselves traveling were put in front of us by life.  Yes, life can send us on detours, off-course sometimes.  Those roads we maneuvered together.  Many of those roads, whether unexpected moves, deaths of beloved family members, changes in life roles, dealing with our oldest sons addiction and subsequent recovery, among other things, were roads that could have sent us each on our own way, separate.  Many times we were alone on those roads, roads that were filled with potholes, even deep holes, and curves that could have pulled us apart.  But they didn’t.  We traveled them together, taking turns in the driver seat, giving the other time to rest.  Many of those roads we would never have chosen.  But life chose them for us.  The detours happened and we followed them, together.

We now find ourselves on another road we did not plan.  One we would never have chosen.  But never-the-less, here we are.  This detour presented itself to us in late summer.  The curve popped up out of nowhere.  We never saw the detour coming, yet it changed our course.  We had no choice but to push on.

We drove down the road until it suddenly stopped.  It felt so sudden that I could feel the breath being knocked out of me.  There it was.  A big hole was in front of us.  And we had no idea which way to go from here.  We just stopped.  We needed to catch our breath.  We needed to assess, engage with each other, and research the route before choosing the road we would now follow.

Late summer had presented us with the possibility that my husband may have some health issues going on and then that hole opened up on November 10. That was the day that we sat in the doctors office, holding hands, waiting for the news.  My husband’s biopsy was positive.  Prostate Cancer. 

Hearing the word….. well, it brings up all sorts of fears, questions.  It doesn’t matter what kind.  That word is not one a person wants to hear.

We are now traveling this new road.  Unexpected.  Not wanting to.  Feeling alone, but learning that others also travel this road, they are just in different locations or taking slightly different routes. 

We are not alone. 

But the two of us do need navigate through this. 

My husband is in the driver seat.  This is his disease.  The road we take is his choice.  I am there to support.  To research.  To provide the information for him to make the decision.  To take the wheel  when he needs to rest.  And to drive the sections of the road that he just doesn’t need to deal with.  His focus is (and should be) his health.  And to love him.  All while I am praying that the road we take ends with a long, long life.  Together! 

In a couple of days, we start the next section of the road, the decision made.  Surgery. 

And then we will rest in one location for a bit before more decisions are made as to which road we travel from there.  

I don’t know where this will lead us, or how long it will take.  But I do know he is going to be okay! (That I have to believe!  Staying positive keeps me going).  We have our family, we have each other and we have our faith!  We will approach this road as we always do, looking for the positives and staying positive. 

And for the next couple of days I am just going to breathe……. And then before we know it, we will be back to traveling unknown roads (literally), to amazing places!  Together!!

Author: Terri

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